Thursday, 1 January 2015


I, an onlooker of the weary wavelets
Taped my tear-ducts with duct-tape
And twiddled my tintless thumbs

My larynx knew no letters
Or obtained any oracles, in response
To my life's misplaced rhumb

A gentle zephyr zoomed in
To calm me with its tenor, though
It stood petrified as I pivoted and humped

The ever beauteous chalky dunes
Swirled and swivelled into a swamp
And raven rubbles crumpled up to crumbs

Even the tingling taste of pineapples, plus
The pious palm trees and musky meads
Were all penetrated by an anaesthetic plumb

While unembellished yet unblemished
Seahorses and starfishes swooned fellow sailors
I gathered how to slash the surfactant scum

I clung on to the cradling craft
Saving my submerged sensations
From the gluey gulf of glum

Hoax are our own emotions
Like feeling numb is a paradox
Nevertheless, I refuse to succumb

The typical quicksand quivered
As I dipped in my soul's soles
Moreover, I felt numb!

~Poem 5

Drowning emotions
(Picture credits: Ray LaMontagne)

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