Thursday, 22 October 2015

Guest post: Beyond the light

This poem is by Rahul Singh, who blogs at Good Little Indian.

Stare deep into the stars,
Inspect for substance not bright,
It's not afraid of the dark,
Shines to avoid us fright.
It's sad of being frozen alone,
As we move with allies in delight,
With many a billion other alike,
Yet none to share with, its night.

Alienation squirs pride and shine,
Music of silence plays eternally,
Wonder if a silver-lining exists,
Acting the dessert for fire,
Gives it content and pride.
Not being Human may help,
Unaware of greed and treason,
Playing its part, all it may like;
Unimaginable pain it may bear,
Of all, any mortal isn't aware,
Pain is the way to purity,
It may be purer than all us alive.

Success comes with price,
Beware what burns gives light,
Stardom exists not in the shine,
But, looking down, sharing light,
Never being tired of burning,
Just to keep else's life bright.

Guiding light

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