The Graffiti Wall

Love shown by my friends. <3
Here is one whole page dedicated to all of you! All of these edits are so special, that I wanted to showcase them separately! A huge shout-out to each of one the creators-

Khushi Khan 
Its all about YOU!!! 
Jadis DNA 
She's A Vagrant 
Darling, You're Beautiful ❤

Afanteh Rooohi

Yumi Tsu 
Wrath Wolf™ 
'Cause you're born to Smile 
Life of a Cupcake ❥ 
Just A Teen 
Vidya Ananda 
Noemi G.
Jessica Evans 
❤ Depression Ruined My Life ❤ 
Someone who left Google+ </3
The Letter Writer-
Sunita Behera 
Rajat Kumar 
The Dreamersツ(Anu)
•Young, Rad & Carefree Teenager•

Cecilia Mphela
Emma Wight 
Subhradeep Gupta
Ishita Dutt.
Aysha Shahani 
Frost Bite
G. T. Niña,
Haresh Makvana.
Tadashi Yasahiro 
 Love , Laugh , Live ♥∞ 
♥Darling, You're Beautiful♥ . 
 Kritka Chopra
 Sparkles Of Imperfection ❤ 

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